We are a Family-Owned and Operated Butchery in the Heart of Saskatchewan, Canada

Sam & Janeen Covlin

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Sam's Story:

Sam's love for farm animals and butchery started at a young age. Growing up on a mixed farm near Rockglen SK, his family raised almost every kind of farm animal and processed them in their tiny on-farm butcher shop. Sam learned many of his animal butcher skills at home, which have become very useful now. As the chief animal caretaker and slaughterer at Cool Springs, Sam ensures that the animals receive the best care and attention they deserve.

Janeen's Story:

Growing up 10 miles from Cool Springs Ranch, near Endeavour, Janeen had a passion for raising farm animals and sustainable grass-based food. After a disappointing "official" agriculture education, she discovered Joel Salatin, Holistic Management, and the Weston A Price Foundation. This paved the way for her and Sam to raise and market sustainable grass-based food. Together, they hope to foster a love of holistic agriculture in their four very active kids - Kate, Emma, Tess, and Beau.

A Family of 7:

The Cool Springs Grass-Fed Butchery is not just a business venture; it's a family affair. Sam and Janeen have five children who are just as passionate about holistic agriculture as they are. They strive to keep their kids happy and healthy while sharing the importance of sustainable grass-based food with them.

Join the Cool Springs Family!

At Cool Springs, we believe that our customers are more than just transactions; they are a part of our family too! That's why we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality, sustainably-raised meat that you and your family can enjoy. When you choose Cool Springs, you're not just supporting a business, you're joining a community of like-minded individuals who care about the food they eat and where it comes from.

So come on in, and join the family!