Free Range Turkey

We will be open for orders at 12:00am, April 6, 2023. (Regina Route)

Roasting Turkey

Half Turkey

HALF Turkey 9-14 lbs
Half Turkey-less than 9 lbs 7-8.9 lbs

Turkey Upgraded

Sage Smoked Turkey Breast

1 whole breast
25 in stock

Smoked Turkey Breast

Smoked Turkey Breast -whole 1lb- 1.5 lbs each

Spicy Tuscan Turkey Sausage


Organs, Bones, Broth

Turkey Bones 4lbs

Turkey Bones- 4lbs 4 lbs
Out of stock

Turkey Feet


Turkey Gizzards


Turkey Livers


Tammy Roesslein Zielinski

Excellent job and super nice people too! Definitely doing business again.

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Nadine Baker

Thank you for years of healthy delicious, humanely raised food!

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Amy Heide

Love your products! Especially the garlic rosemary chicken sausages 👌🏼 heading over to your site to place another order now 🏃🏼‍♀️

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