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Kielbasa - Garlic Ham Sausage Ring

Kiebasa - Garlic Ham Sausage Ring 1lb
That classic smokey Kielbasa, complete with cubes of lean ham! Approx 3/4 lb - 1 lb in each ring. Ingredients: Pastured Pork, fresh local garlic, sea salt, white pepper, and nutmeg.

Gail Lederhouse

Transparency, friendliness, knowledge and compassion for the animals in their care: These are all the traits of cool springs ranch. I appreciate very much the hard work they do. All the products are second to none in quality and taste.

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Daryn Mintzler

An awesome little place. A family unit that is passionate about farm fresh food with no hormones or antibiotics. They also do an excellent job of butchering your newly harvested wild game as well.

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Top quality meat, good people, and a wide variety of healthy foods to choose from. This is the place I buy meat from.

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