Sausage Kitchen

Country Breakfast Sausages

We believe it is paramount to have a breakfast sausage worthy of enjoying! These small links are favour-rich, filler free, and one of our top sellers. Definitely not limited to breakfast! Ingredients: pastured pork, full mineral sea salt, white pepper, nutmeg, herbs Cooking tips: Fry on medium-low, turning a few times to caramelize, until just cooked though. To preserve juiciness, do not over cook.

Nadine Baker

Thank you for years of healthy delicious, humanely raised food!

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Daryn Mintzler

An awesome little place. A family unit that is passionate about farm fresh food with no hormones or antibiotics. They also do an excellent job of butchering your newly harvested wild game as well.

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Tammy Roesslein Zielinski

Excellent job and super nice people too! Definitely doing business again.

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