Grass-fed Lamb

Bulk Grass-fed Lamb

1/2 Grass-fed Lamb
Half Lamb is approx. 21-25 lbs hanging weight. You pay on hanging weight of the lamb i.e. the whole animal after it has been processed. When we cut and wrap your meat, about 20-25% of the hanging weight is lost to bones, trim and waste. Your net meat weight is approximately 75-80% of hanging weight, depending on the animal. Cuts Included: Bone-in leg roasts, bone-in shoulder chops and boneless roasts, Rack of lamb, bone-in loin chops, ground lamb, soup bones, shanks, ribs and liver.

Nadine Baker

Thank you for years of healthy delicious, humanely raised food!

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Janna Erin

Chicken is great, burgers are tasty, good people. Only place I buy meat from now!

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Tammy Roesslein Zielinski

Excellent job and super nice people too! Definitely doing business again.

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