Grass-fed Lamb

We will be open for orders at 12:00am, June 1, 2023. (Regina Route)

Nathan and Megan Maier from Prairie Flavours Ranch raise Corriedale and Clun Forest lambs, which are renowned for excelling on a pasture-based model! 100% grass-fed and natural health protocol.

Chops and Roasts

Blade Lamb Chops

Grass-fed Blade Lamb Chops

Lamb Shoulder Arm Chops

Grass-fed Lamb Shoulder Arm Chops approx 1 lb

Sirloin Chops

Grass-fed Lamb Sirloin Chops
Out of stock

Leg of Lamb (bone-in)

Grass-fed Leg of Lamb (bone-in) approx 5 lbs

Loin Chops

Grass-fed Lamb Loin Chops


Bulk Grass-fed Lamb

1/2 Grass-fed Lamb

Ground and Stew

Lamb Stew

Grass-fed Lamb Stew 1lb

Organ, Bones and Fat

Lamb Cheeks

Grass-fed Lamb Cheeks

Lamb Tongue

Grass-fed Lamb Tongues

Lamb Heart

Grass-fed Lamb Heart

Lamb Kidney

Grass-fed Lamb Kidney

Lamb Liver

Grass-fed Lamb Liver

Lamb Suet

Grass-fed Lamb Suet 1 lb

Lamb Tendon

Grass-fed Lamb Tendon 2/package

Nadine Baker

Thank you for years of healthy delicious, humanely raised food!

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Janna Erin

Chicken is great, burgers are tasty, good people. Only place I buy meat from now!

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Daryn Mintzler

An awesome little place. A family unit that is passionate about farm fresh food with no hormones or antibiotics. They also do an excellent job of butchering your newly harvested wild game as well.

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