Grass-Fed Beef

Beef Tendon

Beef tendons are cut from below the shanks, are perfect for tendon soup or thinly sliced as is. Presented in Asian cuisine from Korea to Vietnam. They make an incredibly rich broth, perfect for GAPS diet followers.

Tammy Roesslein Zielinski

Excellent job and super nice people too! Definitely doing business again.

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Amy Heide

Love your products! Especially the garlic rosemary chicken sausages 👌🏼 heading over to your site to place another order now 🏃🏼‍♀️

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Daryn Mintzler

An awesome little place. A family unit that is passionate about farm fresh food with no hormones or antibiotics. They also do an excellent job of butchering your newly harvested wild game as well.

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