Grass-Fed Beef

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Our cows enjoy fresh grass and clean water with free-choice sea salt and minerals. They rarely ever enter a corral, and are harvested with zero stress right on the pasture.

Ribs & Braising Cuts

Beef Shanks


Ground Beef and Stew

Beef - Ground


Beef Upgraded!

Beef Firecrackers

Beef Firecracker Nibbles 8 oz

Flippin Good Grass-fed Burgers

Flippin Good Burgers 5oz patties, 6 pack

Pure Beef Burgers


Smoked/Shaved Roast Beef

1/2 lb/pkg
Out of stock

Organs, Bones, Broth & Fats


1 litre
Out of stock

Beef Cracklings


Beef Kidney

2 Kidneys/pkg (about 4 lbs)
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Beef Oxtail

1 tail cut into 2 inch pieces

Beef Pancreas

1 Beef Pancreas/pkg-approx 1lb
1 in stock

Beef Soup Bones


Beef Suet

2 lbs/pkg
Out of stock

Beef Testicles

approx 1/2 lb/pkg

Beef Thymus


Beef Tongue

1 tongue/pkg

Quarter Beef Heart

Whole Beef Heart 4-5 lbs

Tammy Roesslein Zielinski

Excellent job and super nice people too! Definitely doing business again.

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Amy Heide

Love your products! Especially the garlic rosemary chicken sausages 👌🏼 heading over to your site to place another order now 🏃🏼‍♀️

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Danielle Couto

Only the best, all natural, holistic, health concious meats out there!! Finally got around to ordering from Janeen and Sam and we were not disappointed... Fabulous sausages, hot dogs and pepperoni sticks! Some of our favourites, but guilt free now because of wholesome ingredients without any fillers!!! All of the meat I've had from them has been the best I've ever tasted!!! Can't get better than Grass-fed goodness!!! Knowing where your meat comes from is a big deal, and CSR's practices for raising their animals is the best of the best!!! The fact that they deliver in town makes it even better! And price wise is more than fair for the quality and quantity you're getting! Thanks again guys!!! Will be ordering again and again.

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